Miley Cyrus ‘Went Ballistic’ Over Ex Liam Hemsworth’s Marriage Plans With New Girlfriend?


Is it? Miley CyrusRefusing to accept that her ex-husband, Liam HemsworthHe plans to marry his girlfriend. Gabriella Brooks? According to one tabloid, Cyrus “went ballistic” when she heard the news. Gossip CopAll the details were gathered to make an informed decision about whether or not this narrative is true. 

Miley Cyrus ‘Can’t Stand’ The Idea Of Liam Hemsworth Getting Married? 

According to a report of the National Enquirer, Liam Hemsworth is planning to propose to girlfriend Gabriella Brooks, and Miley Cyrus can’t take it. Cyrus “shattered Liam’s heart by ditching him” shortly after they wed, she hasn’t gotten over him. “Miley is jealous of anyone getting close to Liam,”A source close to the singer leaked this information. According to the insider, even if Cyrus wants to reconcile with Hemsworth “she doesn’t have a remote chance of getting him back.” 

Hemsworth is officially done with. “been a hard pill to swallow”For Cyrus. Despite Hemsworth finding love again, the outlet says Cyrus hasn’t been as successful, pointing out the various people she’s dated after Hemsworth. “For the first time Miley’s seeing the consequences of her brash actions,”The snitch is revealed. The source continues, “Miley’s hearing talk Liam’s planning to marry Gabriella and she can’t stand it!” 

What’s Going On With Miley Cyrus?

Is any of this really true? Miley Cyrus getting mad at the thought of Liam Hemsworth with someone else? At Gossip Cop, we aren’t buying the National Enquirer’s latest claims about Cyrus and Hemsworth. First of all, Brooks and Hemsworth are not rumored to have been (or will be) engaged. Only the couple Recently, they made their relationship public, so engagement rumors feel a bit rushed. 

Also, the narrative that Cyrus can’t get over Hemsworth is extremely unlikely. As of late, it doesn’t appear like Cyrus or Hemsworth are worried about what’s going on in the other person’s life. For what it’s worth, both Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have made statements explaining they’re still on good terms and care about each other after the split. 

Wild Miley Rumors

Evidently, National Enquirer thrives on generating false rumors about Miley Cyrus, like when it reported that Dolly Parton was trying to stage an intervention for the young star. Earlier in the year, the tabloid even alleged Cyrus was “wild about Harry Styles”Was “relentless in her pursuit of Harry” despite him “begging to be left alone.”The story was completely faked again. Cyrus’s one quote was used by the magazine to create a story that depicted her as abrasive and desperate. The only real desperation is found in the Get in touch.