Millions of Brits have admitted to cheating on their work partners during the Christmas party


The Christmas party season is fast approaching. This means that there will be plenty of office gossip, hangovers, and embarrassing stories.

They’re also ripe breeding grounds for all kinds of naughtiness, including sex and cheating.

A new survey by event specialists is available as we enter the festive season AYRE Event SolutionsThis article reveals the top Christmas party confessions that are romance-related.

Most Brits should be on the naughty List after the annual work event. People have confessed to everything, from cheating on their partner to confessing to their feelings to their boss.

The survey results show that Christmas party confessions include kissing a colleague.

14.9% of UK workers confessed to it, and men are 27% more likely than women to kiss their colleagues at work Christmas.

Work Christmas parties are a place of debauchery – and often cheating too

Those living in the West Midlands are most likely to kiss a coworker, with 16% of the working population in the region admitting to the scandal – this equates to over 400,000 people.

A one-night stand with a coworker is second on the list of romance-related confessions. More than three million Brits (11%) admitted to having a night out with their colleague after a party.

Men are 34% more likely than women to make this Christmas mistake.

9 per cent of Brits admit to texting a ex-lover after Christmas parties, with emotions high and loneliness growing.

More than 2 million people are guilty of this. Women are 25% more likely to commit this sin.

Other romantic confessions include 8 percent asking their coworker to get their number if they’re in a relationship; 6 percent telling their boss they have feelings.

Office christmas party
It’s tempting to do it, but don’t make your office tea run awkward!

Daniel*, aged 29, from Leeds revealed he was once approached by a married colleague at his work Christmas party.

“At my previous job, we used to have really big Christmas parties where all the departments would mingle and Prosecco would be on tap,”He stated.

“They were often quite messy affairs but one particular memory that stands out is our finance director approaching me and trying to make a pass at me in the bathroom.

“We’d always had friendly banter in the office but there were never any romantic feelings on my side. He also wasn’t openly gay and was actually married with children so it wasn’t something I saw coming!

“I obviously declined his offer but from then onwards it was super awkward whenever I bumped into him in the kitchen whilst making a cuppa and I was so embarrassed I actually never told any of my colleagues!”

While celebrating the festive season with your coworkers is important, make sure you don’t do anything you’ll regret the next morning.

*Name changed to protect case study identity

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