Minnesota Woman, 81 Years Old, Robbed While Shopping


A Minnesota woman aged 81 has spoken out after she was attacked while shopping.

Shocking video shows the would-be thief grab Judy Stuthman’s purse and drag her down to the concrete as she was heading into a Walgreens to stock up for Christmas brunch.

“I felt something brush against me, and I realized someone was trying to take my purse,”Inside Edition was told by Stuthman. 

“I was extremely shocked,”She went on.

Stuthman was concussed in the attack. She spent the holidays in hospital with bleeding brain. 

Police posted a video of the brazen assault asking for the public’s help. According to police, a woman recognized the suspect as her son, who was then arrested and charged with aggravated robbery and assault.

“It took a tremendous amount of courage and love for her to hope her son turns his life around, and I hope he does,”Stuthman spoke.

The mother of the suspect, however, later changed her story to say that her son was in her home at the time.