Minx Star: The Latest Episode Celebrates Casual Sex


Ophelia LovibondWants you to embrace your inner self Minx.

“Women have desire too and the idea that you would deny that is just being prudish,” the British actress said in a recent interview with E! News. “It’s failing to recognize that it’s a valuable asset in a woman that you shouldn’t be embarrassed to celebrate.”

In episode four of the HBO series, her typically conservative character Joyce learns this firsthand when she has mind-blowing, and we mean mind-blowingSex with a woman. Minx cover star Shane (Taylor Zakhar Perez). It’s a totally unusual thing for Joyce to do, but it was exactly what she needed to run the female-focused porno mag.

Joyce understood. “Well, if I’m going to be putting this in a magazine, I kind of need to understand what I’m talking about,”Ophelia.

After hooking up with the hot man, the self-described feminist learns another valuable lesson: Do not mix business and pleasure.

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