Miranda Lambert Claims That Her Husband Was Driven Away By Bossy Behavior. Shocking Report Claims


Is it? Miranda LambertIs she cruising towards a divorce? One report claims she bullies husbands. Brendan McLoughlinYou are becoming more bossy. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Miranda’s Henpecked Hubby’

According to Star, McLoughlin’s years in the NYPD did little to prepare him for Lambert. “Brendan has been feeling henpecked for a while now, but lately it’s gotten so bad, he’s thinking about returning to his old police job,” a source reveals.

McLoughlin seems fed up with being treated as a piece meat. His shirtless turns in Lambert’s music videos are embarrassing him. Insider’s conclusion “He was a great cop who has a lot to offer if he goes back to that line of work. But that doesn’t mean Miranda’s going to be happy about it.”

What’s Going On WIth Miranda Lambert?

This story isn’t really news as much as its pub trivia. Yes, Brendan McLoughlin was once a police officer. He retired so he could be with his family. Lambert’s work. McLoughlin doesn’t give very many interviews, and he hasn’t expressed any desire to return to active duty. The claims in this story are relegated to this article, for there’s no evidence that he’s feeling “henpecked.”

McLoughlin, who was shirtless and feeling embarrassed is the only evidence in this story. He is a former cop and enjoys showing off his great body on social media. A few months back, he shared a shirtless photo of himself with the men.

His Instagram account is full of photos taken without shirts. He seems to be open about showing his skin.

This is nothing more that a lazy tabloid leaning onto the regressive “henpecked” trope. Gossip CopThis phrase has been used against everyone, from Prince Harry to George Clooney. These attacks are, to put it mildly, problematic. It’s like reading a gossip column from the 1950s where women shouldn’t have any agency. It’s despicable and all too common.

Tall Tales

This is a well-known trope. Star. It once accused Jennifer Lopez of controlling Alex Rodriguez’s life. This tabloid believes that any woman who is successful must treat her partner with cruelty. It’s inane.

Lambret was promised a divorce by this tabloid after 122 days of being with McLoughlin. It also promoted a reality show about Lambert’s love life, but that never entered existence. Star continues to demonstrate how little it really knows about Lambert’s life.

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