Miranda Lambert Secretly Trash Talking Gwen Stefani’s ‘Pin-Thin Body’ Dubious Sources Claim


Does Miranda LambertEx-husbands who trash-talk are a joy to be with Blake Shelton’sA new wife Gwen Stefani? A tabloid writes this week that Lambert regularly makes fun of Stefani’s “pin-thin body,” though she’s careful to do so out of the public eye. Gossip CopThe rumor is confirmed. 

Miranda Lambert Trashing Gwen Stefani’s Figure?

The latest edition Globe insinuates that there’s a cat fight going on between Miranda Lambert and Gwen Stefani with the headline “Miranda Claws Skinny Gwen!”The tabloid claims that “hourglass-shaped” Lambert can’t help but take “private pot shots” at her ex-husband’s new wife. 

According to the outlet’s insiders, Lambert can be seen bragging behind closed doors about how she has done things. “hunky toyboy spouse”Brendan McLoughlin “delights in a lover with more meat on the bones!” Despite the fact that it’s been almost seven years since Lambert and Shelton divorced, sources tell the magazine Lambert “can’t stop trash-talking Gwen.” 

Blake Shelton Split Still Hurts Lambert

Miranda Lambert is said to still be furious at her ex husband “getting dumped”Loves to “twist Blake’s tail”When she gets the chance. One so-called “insider”That is what it says “any time Miranda can take a shot at Blake she will and that includes making catty remarks about Gwen.” 

“Miranda has a lot of opinions about Gwen. Let’s just say, she’s not a fan,”Another tipster snipes. The source says Lambert appears to be careful that Stefani’s unflattering opinions are kept away from the public eye. “She’s careful not to say anything about Gwen in public — she doesn’t want the drama.” 

Lambert will however be able to share his knowledge with friends. “comment on everything about Gwen, including her figure. Miranda is never shy about making it clear that she prefers her hourglass shape to Gwen’s pin-thin body.”The outlet then goes into detail about how Lambert is supposed to keep up that pace. “hourglass shape,”Tipsters explain that “If I Was A Cowboy”Songstress refuses diet “eats what she wants: barbecue, corn on the cob, biscuits and other calorie-heavy treats.” 

These sources claim that Lambert also gets her most exercise riding her horse. The tattler crows. “Privately, she snickers at Gwen for looking like she doesn’t eat more than a few field greens a day.” Let’s dive right into this body-shaming rumor. 

Gossip Cop’s Take On This Body-Shaming Bonanza

First, this article is incredibly offensive. No matter how thin or fat a person may be, they don’t want their bodies mocked. It seems that everyone wants to be admired. Globe wrote this article purely to shame Gwen Stefani’s thin body, while still trying to fake body-positivity by praising Miranda Lambert’s. All it does is make the tabloid — and its unverifiable, probably made up source — look like total creeps. 

Also, are we supposed to believe that Lambert eats like it’s a Fourth of July picnic every single day? We know she’s from the South, but even with that in mind, barbecue and corn on the cob everyday sounds extreme. Something tells us that the country songstress has a much more varied diet than this outlet’s ridiculous source claims. 

What’s also hard to believe is the lie that Lambert is still hung up on her ex-husband, despite the fact that the two divorced way back in 2015. We think that the one who’s actually obsessed with that ancient history is none other than the Globe itself.  

Last summer, the tabloid falsely claimed that Lambert and Blake Shelton were in a relationship. “toxic”The feud was over the rival Nashville restaurants. We covered it in detail here. This is the same outlet that falsely claimed that Lambert had thrown fellow country stars Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood’s marriage into a “crisis”2020. You can read our entire report by clicking here. Let’s just say we have ample reason to distrust this particular tabloid and absolutely no reason to put our faith in their continuously shoddy reporting.

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