Missing Oregon 7-Year Old Girl Found in Stolen Car by Police


After hours of searching, an Oregon girl was finally found asleep in the back seat of her family’s stolen car.

Yamilet Martinez (7 years old) was asleep in the vehicle of her family when it was taken after her mother briefly got out. According toABC News 4. 

According to KATUThe family had just moved houses and was about to drop off a moving truck. The child’s father couldn’t find the drop box for the keys so Yamilet’s mother got out of their vehicle to help him search, reports the news outlet.

The mother realized that her car’s bluetooth was disconnected while she was driving. That’s when she saw the car and their child gone.

Police Please sayMore than 50 units went out looking for the girl, and many people offered their help and tips.

According to KATU, an Amber Alert was also issued that night to aid in Yamilet’s search. 

Oregon Live reported that the young girl disappeared at 6:50 p.m., and that an alert was sent around 10:35. Police found Yamilet still asleep shortly after the alert was sent. She woke up to the alarm sounding when she tried to open her car doors.

According to Oregon LivePolice continued searching the area for the person who stole the car, but could not identify them. The news source reports that investigators will continue their search for the car-thief. 

Police UpdatedLater that night, Yamilet was safely returned home to her family. They expressed gratitude for the support of the community. 

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