Missing young woman found under snow near Minnesota Elementary School


A body was found close to Minnesota Elementary School on Wednesday. According to local Rochester Minnesota outlet KIMT, it has been identified as Christiana Rocha, 22 years old. 

The remains of the young woman had been found near a snow pile in Gage Elementary’s parking lot by someone who was walking their dog, according to the authorities.

Rocha’s family contacted the local police department in Northfield in hopes of getting a welfare check on January 30. Police were able track Rocha’s phone to northwest Rochester. Rocha did not have a known address in the region, and the woman wasn’t found until more than a month later. 

Authorities believe that the body was snow-covered for weeks and was found in an area of school that is not normally visited by children.

According to the local outlet, investigators found no immediate or obvious trauma serving as an explanation for Rocha’s death, nor do they feel there is an imminent threat to the public.

According to the outlet, there will be an autopsy to determine cause of death.