Missouri Cave Explorers Show How They Saved Trapped Dogs


After she had been trapped for up to two months in a Missouri cave, two explorers helped rescue her. 

Gerry Keene, Rick Haley and their children were exploring the cave 500 feet below the ground when someone heard that the pup was missing.

“They report back, ‘Dad, there’s a dog here.’ We did not believe them,”Keene stated.

Abby, a mix of poodle and canine, was small and listless, but she was still alive. 

“She was not looking real healthy. We thought her back might be broken or something, just not in good shape,”Keene stated.

However, the men were determined to get her to safety. 

“When you initially go into the cave, you’re going in about a 2’ by 2’ hole, so there’s this little teeny crawl hole that goes for maybe 10 feet,”Keene stated.

While Abby navigated the narrow passages, they put her in a bag.

“Basically, I would go first. Rick would hand the pup up to me. I would then put her on a ledge or something, make sure she doesn’t fall. Rick would then climb up, take over. I climb up further, and we’re just handing her over. I think she totally understood that we were helping her,”Keene stated.

According to Abby’s owners, Abby ran away in June and was possibly swept into the cave with flood waters. They gave up hope that they would see Abby again.

“As days went on, we figured probably with her age, we didn’t know if she died or got hit by a vehicle,”One of her owners stated that. 

“I guess that was the worst fear, that she would be suffering,”She also spoke of her previous owner. 

Abby was once skin and bones. Now she is bouncing back. The owners are thankful that the men rescued the pup just in time.

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