Missy Peregrym Hints At When She’ll Return To ‘FBI” in Season 5


Missy Peregrym has been taking a step back ever since FBIFans have been asking Peregrym when she will return to the series. Peregrym shared on Instagram when she will be back at work on the series. FBIPer, set TV Insider. The actor shared updates on her return to work as well as exciting details about Mela, Mela’s newest addition. 

Peregrym posted Friday’s photo of Otis her infant son alongside her daughter. The caption states that the caption was written by the FBI star wrote that baby Mela Joséphine Oakley was born on June 6. After she took maternity leave, FBITo welcome her second child, Peregrym also provided a brief update to her fans on when she will be returning to her old routine. Peregrym began, “@fbicbs is starting up again in a couple weeks, but I will be returning to work in September.”

“I’m relieved and grateful that I am afforded the space to bond with my family, to rest and heal and be a mother (which is harder than work!),”She continued. “I understand this is a luxury, and I wish every mother/parent/caretaker had this too. Thank you for all the love, prayers and support from this community.”As TV InsiderNote that Peregrym will be returning to work in September so her character Special Agent Maggie Bell will not appear in Season 5. This timeline suggests that she will return to the show around mid-fall. 

Peregrym took maternity leave following the 18th season of Season 4. Her character was subjected to sarin gases in the episode. This left her in serious recovery. Rick Eid, showrunner, said that Maggie’s situation would also have significant ramifications once she returns to the team. TV InsiderThat “it’ll be generally the same Maggie, but an experience like this changes someone, so I think from time to time, you’ll see differences in her personality, in the way she approaches the job, the way she probably approaches OA [Zeeko Zaki]. Any traumatic event has consequences and changes someone.”

Peregrym shared the news that she was due with Tom Oakley her second child back in February. Peregrym posted a video showing her bump and shared the news with her son. The clip was also shared by her son, who joked that this was their. “best effort at an ‘adorable’ announcement,” adding, “Come on, I don’t have time for that.”