Missy Peregrym’s Return to Tense Hour: ‘FBI’ Shakes Up Their Team


FBIFans couldn’t miss this Sunday’s special episode. Special Agent Nina Chase, played by Shantel VanSanten, had to make a major decision on her future before Missy Peregrym’s Special Agent Maggie Bell makes her return. “Double Blind”Nina was the one to shake up the team with her dramatic case. There are spoilers ahead!

In “Double Blind,”The team set out to find a 5-year-old kidnapped child. The team soon discovered that Liza Peters (Annika Booras), his mother was not completely forthcoming in their initial investigation. It turned out she was a CIA agent protecting a Chechen activist. To pressure Liza into giving up the terrorist, a group of terrorists kidnapped her child. Liza was prepared to do this in order to protect her son. Special Agent Stuart Scola, John Boyd didn’t quite get the point.

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Nina’s own story was parallel to the case. Scola had heard her tell Scola that she was pregnant earlier in the episode. Because she was soon to be a mother, she could understand Liza’s feelings. Nina was willing to risk her life to save Liza’s child. She even took on the role of an activist during an exchange. Scola became increasingly frustrated and had to be reminded by Nina that she knew exactly what she was doing.

Nina, Special Agent In Charge Isobel castille (Alana la Garza) told Nina that she wanted to move to another job at the FBI after the case was closed. Two floors below, she will begin investigating white-collar crimes. We haven’t seen Nina since that kiss. However, Scola has indicated she is willing to wait until then.

“Nina won’t be working with the team in the same capacity, but she is still an FBI agent,” FBI Rick Eid was the showrunner PopCulture.com. “Not to mention her relationship with Scola just got a lot more complicated. We’ll see her again soon.”However FBI Nina was not intended to be a permanent member of the team. “incredible addition”Eid added to the show. “We made sure her exit storyline keeps her involved in the universe and allows for her to return in some capacity.”

Next FBI episode, “Ready Or Not,”It airs Tuesday, Nov. 15. CBS News’ election day coverage on November 8 will preempt the series. It’s the first episode of Season 5 featuring Maggie back on TV, following Peregrym being ill. The episode will be about the investigation of two murders. Before FBI Paramount+ allows fans to catch up on previous episodes and returns.

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