MoD confirms Putin used thermobaric missiles to ‘damage the internal organs’ of Ukraine


The Ministry of Defence of Britain has also seen the devastation caused by Russian rockets being used in Ukraine.

Wednesday evening’s MoD tweet sent out the following message via Twitter: Russia confirmed deployment of TOS-1A-thermobaric weapons.

It captioned a chilling clip of the destruction weapons can cause: “The Russian MoD has confirmed the use of the TOS-1A weapon system in Ukraine. The TOS-1A uses thermobaric rockets, creating incendiary and blast effects.”

The MoD shared a short clip explaining the TOS-1A. It is an armoured multiple rocket launcher capable of launching rockets with thermobaric warheads.

This video says: “It was used by Russian forces in both Afghanistan and Chechnya. Thermobaric weapons use oxygen from the surrounding air to create a high temperature explosion.

“These explosives also produce blast effects that last longer than conventional explosives.

“The impact of the TOS-1A is devastating. It can destroy infrastructure and cause significant damage to internal organs and flash burns, resulting in death to those exposed.”

Despite the suffering and pain caused by thermobaric arms, the MoD claims they are not illegal. However, their use is strictly controlled by the law on armed conflict.

The MoD shared footage from a thermobaric blast

If there is a danger that civilians may also be affected, one of these terms prohibits them from being used against military targets.

Another rule says that thermobaric weapons should be banned if they cause more harm than the military advantage or inflict unneeded suffering.

Despite the limitations imposed by the law of Armed Conflict, the Ministry of Defence claims that the footage shows Putin having deployed TOS-1A to fight against Ukraine.

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