Molly-Mae Hague apologizes to those who misunderstood her podcast comments


Molly-Mae Hague has apologized to the fans who were “affected negatively or misunderstood the meaning”She made a number of comments on a podcast.

After she spoke out about her success and wealth, Love Island star received criticism. “the same 24 hours in a day”, adding: “If you want something enough, you can achieve it.”

As she continues to get backlash, she posted a written statement on Instagram Stories.

The 22-year-old wrote the following: “I wanted to come back online today as normal but I feel like before I do I just wanted to say this…

Molly-Mae Hague has apologised after her recent podcast comments
Molly-Mae Hague has apologized for her comments on the podcast.

“When I say or post anything online, it is never with malice or ill intent. I completely appreciate that things can affect different people in different ways however I just want to stress that I would never intend to hurt or upset anyone by anything that I say or do.

“I am sorry for any misunderstandings or negative reactions to what I have said on the podcast. My intention was to only tell my story and inspire others from my own experience.

Molly-Mae Hague said in the podcast that 'everyone has the same 24 hours'
Molly-Mae Hague mentioned in the podcast, “everyone is the same 24 hours.”

“Love to you all, always x.”

The millionaire was named creative director of PrettyLittleThing in 2013. He spoke with Stephen Bartlett via his podcast The Diary of a Chief Executive Officer.

However, her December comments angered many fans. Many were outraged at her insensitivity to her own privileges and the socio-economic struggles faced by others.

This statement was made by the team representing the influencer: “Molly did a podcast interview in December about her own rise to success. If you listen to the full conversation and interview Molly was asked about how the nature of her potential grows and how she believes in herself. This part of the interview was discussing time efficiency relating to success.

Molly-Mae posted an apology on social media
Molly-Mae posted a retraction on social media

“Molly refers to a quote which says “We all have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce”. She was discussing her own experience and how she can resonate with this specific quote.

“Molly believes that if something is important enough, it can be achieved by working hard. That is why she works hard every day to improve her life. Molly is not commenting on anyone else’s life or personal situation she can only speak of her own experience.”

The statement continued: “While she acknowledges that people are raised differently and come from different backgrounds, her comments about timing, hard work, and determination in her life are based on her own experiences. Listen to the interview and you’ll see that the entire conversation was about her personal circumstances, growing up, and the small clip was talking about a quote she finds inspiring.”

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