Molly Sims “Broken”Over Back Pain and Mental Health Struggles


Molly Simsis still recalling the health issues she faced this past year.

The Las Vegas actress gave an update about her struggles with major pack pain, sharing a photo of herself in a hospital bed alongside a lengthy message about lessons she’s learned from her medical journey.

“It has been a very long year. A year that has both built me, and at times broken me,”She wrote in A Oct. 20th Instagram post. “I have struggled with major back pain both quietly, sometimes silently, and at times undeniably loudly to my friends and family.”

Molly said that sometimes recovering means slowing down, asking for help and taking your time.

“Life always has a way of teaching us in the hard moments… but man this is a lesson I avoided learning for a long time,”She shared. “After a year and half of pressing forward and struggling through, I came to the understanding that sometimes it’s not about the stamina you need to keep going, but the willingness to stop, rest, and get the help we need.”

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