Mom arranges helicopter evacuation for pregnant daughter who is stranded in Yellowstone Flooding


Yellowstone National Park is still closed due to massive flooding that forced the evacuation of approximately 10,000 tourists.

However, there was no evacuation more dramatic than this: a pregnant lady on vacation and whose mother did everything she could to save her life.

Brandon Tyson, Cassie, and Brandon Tyson became trapped in the national forest on their way home. “babymoon,”Celebrating the imminent birth of their first child in eight weeks. 

The fallen boulders and the raging rivers made it impossible to access the town. Houses were forced off their foundations, and they sank into the water.

“[Someone] said out loud to the entire cafe, he was like, ‘Whoever is in here, I just want y’all to know, both of the exits out of this town are completely covered in water or they’re just not there. So you’re not going to be able to get out for days, weeks or months,” Cassie told Inside Edition.

It was Cassie’s mom, Carole Martin, who came to the rescue. She arranged for a helicopter to lift her daughter and son-in-law out of harm’s way.

“They always call me when they have problems. We always figure it out together,”Martin said.

The news reports about Yellowstone prompted the mother and grandma to take action after seeing all of the stories.

“When I looked at that, I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is serious,’”Martin said.

Video shows helicopter arriving to pick up the couple.

“I was honestly just in survival mode. I was just like, I have to get out of here,” Cassie said.
They were picked up by the helicopter in Gardiner, Montana and flown to Bozeman. They then flew back to Virginia on a regular plane.

It was not cheap — the chopper cost $1,200.

The couple were staying across the river, from a house that had been filmed in the river’s raging waters.

According to the Park Service the northern portion of Yellowstone will likely remain closed for some time due to damage.