Mom is Trapped under the Couch When It Gets Stuck on Flight of Stairs


The moment a couch got stuck on a flight basement stairs was captured on video. A woman was trapped underneath the couch until emergency responders freed her. 

Clair Hickman’s mother was trapped for three hours after a couch the family was trying to move became lodged on the stairs.  

This moment has been compared with an iconic scene in “Friends” where Ross, motivated by not having to pay professionals, tries to bring a couch up his apartment building’s stairs with the help of Chandler and Rachel. “Pivot!”Ross yells repeatedly, but it is in vain.  

The Hickmans were also unable to find a way out of this dilemma because life imitated art.  

Ultimately, Ross ends up sawing the couch in half, but that option wasn’t available to the Hickmans.  

“We would’ve just used a chainsaw ourselves and cut the couch up,” Hickman said, but the family didn’t have a chainsaw.

So they called the fire department.  

“They were able to get the railing off the wall and get the couch down to the basement and free my mom,”She said. “Mom’s OK, the couch is OK, and the ceilings and the wall are definitely not OK.” 


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