Monster the Dog, Who fell from a Shrimp Boat off Texas Shores, Swims 5 Miles Home


Captain Keith of Shrimp Boat “Kiwi”Soffes was last week sailing in Galveston Bay off the Southeast coast Texas when Monster, his dog, fell overboard. Soffes shared the following: FOX 26 Houston he didn’t notice Monster wasn’t on the boat until he was five miles away from the shore.

FOX 26 Monster said Soffes that he often takes Soffes along on his shrimp boat.

“Totally heartbroken,”Soffes posted a Facebook message on May 26 that he spent hours searching the coast in search of his dear friend. 

Soffes stated that five days later, after receiving prayers and hopes, someone replied to his Facebook post stating that they had seen Monster’s dog at a local park.

“I said, ‘Man, she couldn’t have made that swim,'”He told the story FOX 7 Austin. “There’s no way that dog swam that far.”

Monster was found in a nearby trailer park. Soffes stated that Monster was so emotional and got so many happy kisses. 

“Monster dog peacefully asleep.. she acts like nothing happened,”Soffes wrote in an updated Facebook post. “So glad I got my little friend back.”



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