Morgan Freeman Goes to TV to Spinoff One of His Movies


Morgan Freeman will soon be seen on TV in a spinoff series of an action movie he made. DeadlineReportsThat LucyA spinoff series will be made of ”, the 2014 sci-fi action movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Freeman. Freeman is currently in negotiations to play Professor Samuel Norman again, but more details are being kept secret.

LucyLuc Besson wrote and directed it. Johansson stars as Lucy Miller. She is a woman who acquires psychokinetic skills when her bloodstream absorbs a illegal drug she was forced into transporting inside her abdomen. The film was well received by critics and became a big hit with fans. LucyThe film earned $463.4 Million at the box office, despite a budget of only $39 million. Besson previously said that he was not sure how the movie would be worthy of a sequel. “With Lucy, you’ll see the end of the film. I don’t know how we can make a sequel, but if the film is huge, then I will think about it,”He spoke to WonderCon attendees in 2014. Per Collider.

Later, THR quoted BessonAccording to the old saying, “I don’t see how we can do one. It’s not made for that. If I find something good enough, maybe I will, but for now I don’t even think about it.”According to 2015 reports, a LucyA sequel was being developed, and it was reported in 2017 that Besson had written a script. But, Besson later took to Social mediaHe stated that he was not working to make a sequel. Lucy.

Besson was in the studio back in 2014, before the film was released. With Den of GeekAbout LucyHe also shared where the inspiration for the film was derived. “In fact 10 years ago I was promoting a film in a town and the mayor threw a dinner,”He shared. “They put a girl next to me and I thought it was the niece of the mayor, who wanted to be an actress. And I said, ‘What are you doing?’ And she said, ‘I’m a professor and I’m studying nuclear cells that get cancer.’ So I was really not expecting at all to be next to a person like this.”

He continued, “And then we started to talk for hours and I got very excited about what I learned. And then I started to read a couple of books and a couple of years later I met this professor who works on the brain. We became friends and I became a founder of an institute that does research about the brain. So I swam in this environment for a couple of years and I have this feeling that I needed to know more really about what’s going on before we even start to write the script.

Besson added, “It was two years and three years since I began to write the script. I don’t think I used 10 percent of my brain, but it was probably less. It took me a while. I didn’t want it to go wrong. The brain is vital. You can’t joke around. But I wanted to make an entertaining movie. I was not interested in making a documentary. I mixed the two together to make a thriller that also contained philosophical content. This was my idea: Let’s see if both can be achieved in one film. The LucySpinoff has not yet announced a TV or streaming home.

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