Mosque in Turkey Shelters Rabbi Stranded in Snowstorm


One rabbi had his prayers answered when he was rescued from a snowy highway after being stranded for hours. 

Rabbi Israel Elbom was in Istanbul and headed to the airport to return home to Israel when the heavy snow stopped him in his tracks and forced him to stay a little longer.  

And a local mosque was kind enough to welcome him with open arms. 

“It was so cold, and when I came to the mosque, I needed to take out my shoes as other people do,” Rabbi Israel Elbom said. “The carpet was warm and a little bit better.”

“I went to other side of the mosque, and people looked at me because I looked a bit different. Nobody said something; we only communicated by smiling. It was very nice.”

In the morning, the rabbi added, everyone even prayed together. 

“We are praying for the same God. We are children from the same God. It is nice and wealth being together, praying together, dancing and smiling together.”

An act of kindness and hospitality that can serve as an inspiration to others.