Mother-in-law refuses to stop “fat-shaming” her 19-month old son, Mum reacts furiously


The comments of her mother-in law are furious. She often tells her toddler that he will. “get fat if he keeps eating”Despite being just 19 months old, he is already a very happy baby!

Schools offering shapewear to teenager girls has shocked us. Now, one mum is furious over comments made by her mother in law about her grandson’s weight.

Anonymously posting her story MumsnetThe woman explained that her mother in law fat-shames her son constantly by telling him that he’s getting. “too fat”Despite being only 19 months of age.

The mum believes the comments are insensitive to someone who is her mother. “such a young age”However, she isn’t sure what to do to make her husband’s mother stop.

She wrote: “For two weeks in a row now, my mother-in-law has told my 19-month-old son that he’ll get fat if he keeps eating. He’s not fat, nowhere near it, but even if he was I don’t think that she should be making such comments to someone at such a young age.

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“I want to ask her to stop but not sure how well it will go down or if I’m just being unreasonable.”

Commenters on the post were quick to tell the mum to do something about her mother-in-law’s remarks, with many of them saying her comments could lead her child to develop “Be concerned about what you eat”.

One person said: “You have every right to ask her to stop. You might think she is joking, but eventually he will get it and realize that it’s not a joke.”

As another added: “It’s absurd to suggest that children can be anxious about eating.

Und a third wrote: “Tell her to stop. My mother-in-law is obsessed with weight, both hers and everyone else’s. I just started saying ‘That isn’t polite; whenever she asked or commented about my weight or my daughter’s weight, and she stopped.”

Later, the mum returned to the post to express gratitude to commenters and insist that she doesn’t fully understand the negative consequences of her words.

She stated: “The stupid thing is he’s not even a chubby toddler. So it’s very much a case of her putting her own body image issues onto him rather than her saying it out of any concern for his health. She genuinely doesn’t mean anything nasty by it, I just don’t think she’s considered the impact her words could have.”

She also claimed that her child’s diet was not as healthy as she thought. “perfectly balanced”She said she was not concerned about her son’s health, but that her mother in law shouldn’t make comments on his weight.

She also added: “He has a perfectly balanced diet. No chocolate, very little processed food. I think he’s had chips about three times in his life and had no real interest in them.

“Even if he was chubby, the point is that I don’t want him growing up with negative body image.”

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