Mother Sends 5-Year Old Son Back to School with Bulletproof Backpack


After a string of mass shootings in America, parents across America are anxious about sending their children back school.

Weston Walton’s mom, Cassie Walton, has been giving Weston active shooter training in preparation for his first day of Oklahoma school. Cassie Walton will also send him to school equipped with a bulletproof Spider-Man bag.

The mom captured the video of the boy using it to protect his body.

“It just saddens me that I have to be doing it. It shouldn’t be a thing that you have to do to prepare to go back to school,” Cassie said.

District school superintendent Cody Patton, Harrold, Texas practiced shooting on a gun range in preparation for his first day at school. The K-12 school’s teachers and he both have guns.

“My biggest fear is having someone come on this campus and shoot one of my children here at this school,”Patton spoke.

There are 79 cameras around the school, and an app that alerts teachers when someone enters the school. 

If there is ever a shooter at the school, Patton says his staff know exactly what to do — “Shoot ‘em immediately.”

Minimum 29 states allow students to have guns on school grounds, other than for police and security officers.

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