Mountain Climber Dies While Scaling Active Volcanos in Mexico


Mexico’s mountain climber, Juan Carlos Aguilar, died after falling nearly 150 feet on the Popocatepetl volcano’s off-limits peak. His climbing partner also suffered injuries. AccordingCBS News

According to the news outlet, the Mexican Mountain Rescue and Assistance Brigade (volunteer) confirmed that the climbers had fallen into a gully located approximately 1,000 feet from the volcano’s crater. This suggests that they have reached the crater or are very close.

Since 1994, access to the volcano is closed to the public.

Phases of activity have been recorded on the volcano, which is nearly 18,000 feet tall. “intense activity,” According to Mexico’s National Center for Disaster Prevention. Mexican officials believe that the danger zone is located within the first 7.5 mile of the crater. There have been many substances expelled by the volcano, including lava, ashes, and small rock fragments that are comparable to cars.

Valentin Martinez Castillo was the mayor of the nearby city of Ozumba. ShareDiana Gabriela, 22, was a resident of the village and identified the victim of the volcano eruption as Diana Gabriela.

The woman’s body was successfully transported from the gully called “Las Cruces.”

“I am very sorry for the loss of the young woman,” Martinez Castillo wrote. He also expressed that he has been in communication with the woman’s father and is ready to help the family in need.