Mourners Of Queen Being Asked Not To Leave This Item As An Offering 


People around the UK are mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth, posting touching tributes and remembering the long-reigning monarch fondly. Many mourners have made pilgrimages to Buckingham Palace to leave flowers and notes, but the Royal Parks organization has had to ask people to stop bringing one item: marmalade sandwiches. 

Why Are People Leaving Marmalade Sandwiches?

In times of royal mourning, the British people have a tradition of bringing flowers, notes, and small items to leave around the gates of royal residencies such as Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and other landmarks. 

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All the tokens of grief are appreciated by the royal family, but maybe not by the Royal Parks workers. The organization has asked people to stop leaving marmalade sandwiches at the gates of the palace. 

Why are people leaving sandwiches? During the queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration, Queen Elizabeth took part in a video comedy sketch that featured another one of England’s most beloved figures: Paddington Bear. 

During the skit, the two bond over their love for marmalade sandwiches, and the queen even pulls one out of her purse, saying she always keeps one on hand “for later.” The video quickly went viral, and many well-meaning mourners have left the snack outside the gates of Buckingham Palace in honor of the queen’s passing. 

Why The Royal Parks Organization Has Asked People To Stop Bringing The Sandwiches

However, this tribute has had some detrimental effects on the environment around Buckingham Palace and the adjoining park. “We are asking people not to leave marmalade sandwiches because of the negative impact on the park’s wildlife,” their statement read. Flowers and other trinkets are still allowed but, due to sustainability reasons, the Royal Parks organization has admitted they “would prefer that they didn’t” leave anything. 

While many wish to show their support for the royal family through physical tokens, it’s not surprising the Royal Parks organization is asking people to hold off on leaving these items outside. 

Leaving Items Is Traditional In Times Of Royal Mourning

When Princess Diana died in 1997, about 60 million bouquets were left outside the gates of Buckingham and Kensington Palace, creating a sea of flowers that were left there for ten days. 

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In contrast, mourners have been asked to leave their flowers and items for the queen at a designated Flower Tribute Garden in Green Park. This is most likely to avoid clogging up the streets in front of the palaces. The number of items left for the queen is still in the thousands but is growing steadily—even without the marmalade sandwiches. 

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