Mourners travel to London to say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II


The world watched as the British royal family bid farewell to Queen Elizabeth II Monday. 

Prince George, 9, and Princess Charlotte, 7, walked behind their great-grandmother’s coffin at her funeral after their parents, Prince William and Princess Catherine, made the difficult choice to include their children say goodbye to Queen Elizabeth, who they affectionately knew as “gan-gan.”

The funeral was filled with pomp, pageantry spectacle, emotion and millions of people traveled to see the procession in person.

Those who traveled to London for the queen’s funeral who Inside Edition anchor Deborah Norville spoke with said that it didn’t matter if they actually saw the cortege, but instead what was important was that they were there in person. 
King Charles III and Prince William marched behind Prince Harry, Prince Harry, and other royal members. The coffin was pulled on a gun carriage with more than 100 sailors. 

Prince Harry was not allowed in his military uniform. Instead, he wore a simple gray morning jacket. As the procession passed London’s war memorial, the tomb of the unknown soldier, Prince William and the others in the procession saluted. Prince Harry was not allowed to salute, however.

It is one of the perceived minorities that bother Prince Harry, Meghan, and Duchess Meghan. The Duchess Meghan was in the second row of Westminster Abbey. Prince Harry and Prince William were in the front.

“Harry and Megan have behaved extremely well this whole 11 days in what was quite an awkward position for them,”Tina Brown stated. “The whole family has put on a show of family unity; now backstage they have to really work things out.”

Atop the coffin sat the queen’s coffin, orb and scepter, as well as a wreath made of flowers by King Charles III. They contain blooms from the queen’s own wedding bouquet and a handwritten message. It stated, “In loving and devoted memory. Charles R.”The “R”Latin for “Rex,”Oder “king.”

The mourners sang in an emotional moment “God Save The King.”King Charles was overcome with tears. Prince Harry looked strained and fought back tears.

After the procession through London, Queen Elizabeth’s coffin was transported in a hearse that could see into Windsor. Even the corgis of the queen seemed to be saying a solemn farewell.

Eight pall bearers carried her 500-pound lead-lined coffin to her final resting place. It was a crypt in St. George’s Chapel, next to Prince Philip and George VI.

The next chapter of royal pageant is now in preparation: the coronation King Charles III.


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