Mum, 22 years old, says that being a parent has ruined her youthful looks


People often believe that a mum is a nanny. “old”Even though she is only 22

She claims that being a parent has taken a toll on her, and she blames herself. “ageing”Thalia, Thalia’s little sister, is adorable.

Kendra Sykes, 22-year-old stepmom, and mum, shared their experiences with parenting in a TikTok clip that has been viewed more 280,000 times.

Kendra, who uses TikTok, demonstrates it in a single clip @crzctldy66It is captioned: “An old wives tale once said little girls steal their mothers beauty.”

Kendra is seen in the background filming her baby as she watches the clip.

She subtitles the comment made by a TikTok user over the video.

Kendra Sykes poses for the camera
Even though she was accused of being a drug addict,

It read: “She looks so old and has acne… she must be a drvg (SIC) addict!!!”

Kendra responded to this: “Nope I had a daughter and she stole my youth.”

Many people responded to the viral video’s comment, but only one person wrote: “My mom (SIC) would say this to me and I grew up feeling so much guilt.

“I hope you never let her hear you say that.”

Kendra Sykes poses for the camera with her daughter in the background
22-year-old daughter said her daughter “stole” her youth

An additional: “Girl you should see a doctor there’s gotta be a medical condition causing you to age so much at 22.”

A mother friend also contributed: “I can tell you that three hours of night sleep for more than three months can be a problem.

“She looks like me in my first year after birth. A lot of hormone change, a bit of after birth depression… and you can look this way too.”

While someone else wrote: “Wow, people are so mean. I’m sorry, that’s just a gross thing to say about someone else. You and your baby are beautiful!”

An additional option is available: “Could be from chronic dehydration. I had a friend who only drank Pepsi, worked ok for her until she got pregnant, then her skin did a similar thing.”

Kendra responded to this: “Honestly probably is ! I drink so much coffee and forget to drink water.”

A mum revealed that she is currently caring for her four children in her car because they cannot afford a house.

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