Mum and her children fled a home in flames after the washing machine caught fire.


Amanda Tucker accuses Whirlpool “fobbing her off” after the company repaid £225 for the machine only and blamed the fire on “poorly performed”Third-party repairs

After her Whirlpool washing-machine caught on fire, three months ago, a mother and her children lived in a smoke-damaged house.

Amanda Tucker, a mother of a four-year old boy, ran to the property with her son after she noticed white smoke coming from her kitchen. Derbyshire Live.

Two fire engines raced on the scene to put out the flames. However, the kitchen, hallway, and landing were still standing. “blackened and smoke-damaged”.

Amanda remembered noticing that a “really bad smell”After putting on a normal cycle, it takes about five minutes.

She said: “I couldn’t see any of my units in my kitchen, which are black, I just couldn’t see anything.

“I grabbed my son, my phone, and ran out onto the street to call the fire brigade.

“The worktop had just started to catch fire. My kitchen was completely smoke damaged and I had just had my hall, stairs and landing decorated, and that was all blackened and smoke damaged.

“My three-piece suite was damaged by smoke, and my kitchen was also water damaged from water in the washer and water used to light the fire brigade.

“There’s quite a lot of damage that I have been left with, because we didn’t know whether someone would be sent out to assess the damage, so I have left it as it was.”

The mum, who works for a commercial vehicle dealer group, purchased the washing machine for around £300 in 2017.

A local tradesman, with over 30 years of experience in washing machines, repaired the door lock and replaced it in 2019.

Whirlpool repaid £225 for the machine only after claiming the incident was caused by “poorly performed” third-party repair.

A spokesperson for the company said: “The incident that occurred originated in the vicinity of the spliced wiring, resulting in damage to the internal parts and the console.

“Our records indicate that no engineer from our company attended this service call at the consumer’s home or at any other address.

“In summary, we believe that this incident was caused by the poorly performed replacement of the door lock by an unknown third party and we confirmed our conclusions to Mrs Tucker.”

Frank Wain who fixed the washing machine said that they were wrong and that the new door lock would have been exactly the same as what was on the original.

He said: “This is a problem Whirlpool have been having, where machines have been catching fire.

“We are going after machines that should not be on that list. Customers can call Whirlpool to tell them that they want it on the list.

“So many times I have had to tell the customers to ring Whirlpool.

“To be truthful, I am shocked. It is shocking that Whirlpool tries to blame third parties, even though the part has been in place for three years.

“It doesn’t make any sense one little bit. It doesn’t take three years for that to happen.”

Amanda accused Whirlpool “fobbing her off”And “hiding”A report on the causes of the fire.

She said: “I feel like I have been honest with them about the third-party repair, but that has given them ammunition to blame it on them.

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“A door lock was fitted three years ago, if it was going to cause a fire, it would have done it three years ago. It feels like they have been fobbing me off when I’ve been honest with them.

“If the report of their investigators does not state that the fire started from the door lock, then why would they hide it?

“It feels like they are keeping things from me when it’s my washing machine.”

Whirlpool had previously recall 519,000 Indesit washers and Hotpoint washers, after 79 were set on fire by a defective lock system.

This was months after the company recalls 500,000 dryers that could be dangerous.