Mum comes out to husband seven years into marriage – but they’re still together


A wife who told her husband she was a lesbian has revealed they’re still married – despite sharing it with him two years ago.

After seven years of keeping Nicolette’s sexuality a secret, 26-year-old Nicolette Popa finally came out to Ryan, 27, in 2020.

Although the civil servant was not surprised by his wife’s announcements, the mum says he is still her “soulmate”.

The couple still live together and co-parent Jace, 5, and Clay, 4, respectively.

After sharing her unconventional parenting style on TikTok with other gay women, the delivery driver was praised by straight couples.

While both sides of the couple support their decision to stay married, some internet users are confused.

Nicolette and her husband Ryan
Her husband supports her sexuality

Nicolette, a North Carolina woman, USA, said: “We’re still married and we still live together in our house with our kids.

“What we do right now works. Family life is more important than the dating aspect.

“It’s about making sure the kids are happy, making sure they know they’re loved and for them to have both parents around.

“Ryan and I have maintained this friendship. He’ll always be my best buddy.

“I feel like he’ll always be my soulmate, just from a different perspective.”

Ryan was 20 years old when Nicolette married Ryan.

Around seven years into their relationship, she confided in her husband her sexuality while they were still living in Japan.

Ryan wasn’t surprised by the news. Instead, he was supportive and kind to his wife.

Although she knew her mother was a lesbian growing up, she was too scared to let it out because she was raised in an area that was conservative.

Nicolette grew up in a traditional home and was initially nervous about going out to her family.

She continued: “I’ve only just come out to my immediate family this past June. I’m now completely out and just kind of embraced it.

“I was scared to get out. While I was at work, I called my mom and told her that I needed to tell her. I was in tears.

“She was like ‘I love you no matter what’. I grew up feeling like I wouldn’t be accepted, even though I was.”

Nicolette discovered a surprising audience on TikTok of women who could relate to her situation after making videos.

One wrote: “I love this for your family! It’s great having such a solid friendship and great co-parenting relationship.”

Nicollete Popa on TikTok
Since then, the 26-year old has opened up on TikTok about her current situation

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A second: “This makes me so happy. I’m going through something similar and my husband is in full support of me.”

Some users weren’t so kind towards the unusual couple.

One person said: “So sad to see so many marriages be ruined by sinfulness.”

Another critic wrote the following: “I wish [they’d] have a divorce so the guy can have love.”

One third of them admitted: “I would never forgive someone who wasted my time like that.”

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