Mum evicted by her landlord due to 18-month-old’s screaming says child’s like ‘possessed ferret’


A mum has found herself at her “wit’s end” due to her 18-month-old’s “blood-curdling” screaming and confessed to wanting to “run away”.

And, she’s not the only person to have been affected by the tantrum-throwing tot as she’s been told she will be evicted by her landlord, reports the Mirror.

The single mum and her daughter are being booted out because they can’t stand the noise disruption, but she’s struggling to find somewhere else to live.

Posting on Reddit, the anonymous parent noted: “She’s so spoiled she screams for absolutely everything and is always jumping around, throwing herself about the place and screaming.

“She’s like a possessed ferret and is constantly at risk of hurting herself.”

Mother suffering and baby crying

The mum added that she has a “constant migraine” and is “constantly crying” from stress.

She wrote: “I just want her to stop screaming so I can think straight for just a second.”

The mum continued: “She’s never hungry when she’s screaming, if I try and pick her up or play with her it’s usually met with violence, twice I’ve ended up in A&E from her scratching my eyeball. I don’t even know if this is normal kid behavior she’s my first and I didn’t expect this.

“I do love her dearly but I’m really struggling to cope and I feel like I’m on the verge of a mental breakdown, I just want to know how to stop her screaming.”

She was given two months to find new accommodation.

Her landlord couldn't cope with the noise

The mum noted: “I honestly understand they are exhausted too and wanting to be kept up by a baby at night is the last thing they want, and I’m desperately trying to keep her quiet not to disturb them and failing miserably.”

Reddit users were quick to comment and many said she should take her toddler to see a doctor.

“My niece was like this has an infant. Her parents went through hell. She would claw her face your face and scream nonstop. She is perfectly fine now. Junior and high school no problems,” one Reddit user reassured her.

“I’d have to ask my sister-in-law what was the cause. It was so long ago. Anyway, they got help and things got better. Eventually, I was able to hold her without being slapped in the face.”