Mum saves £230 by creating stunning version of Barbie Dream House for just £20


A mum put her DIY skills to the ultimate test and saved a whopping £230 along the way.

Faith Sheppard, 31, from Bristol, embarked on the project after her daughter asked for a £250 Barbie Dream House for her birthday.

She wanted to spend as little money as possible so the parent bought a secondhand pine cabinet.

It was transformed by her using everything, including lollipop stick and washing up sponges.

Speak to said: “I couldn’t find what I wanted without it costing hundreds and everything was plastic.

“After looking at the Barbie houses, I realized that I could create one that was larger and more durable.

Mum saves £230 by creating stunning version of Barbie Dream House for just £20
Faith saved around £230 by creating a stunning version herself

Faith began by looking at YouTube videos on miniature interior design and learning more about building the dollhouse.

She continued: “It was free and I knew it would be perfect! My husband made some shelves from wood we already had in the garage.

“I visited a hardware store to get wallpaper samples to decorate my walls.

“I also went to a local carpet shop where they allowed me to choose whatever I wanted from the skip for my flooring.”

The parent used a second-hand pine cabinet
The mother used a second-hand pine cupboard

Faith started by using primers and paints from the family and then added retro handles to the cabinet.

The details were created inside by the mum using a hot glue gun to attach small pieces like taps, and repurposed nail varnish for painting.

In addition to using lollipop stick for structure, she also recycled old sushi boxes and turned them into a shower.

She shared: “I was kindly given some Barbie House accessories and furniture that someone I know was getting rid of.”

Mum saves £230 by creating stunning version of Barbie Dream House for just £20
Faith wanted to make money along the journey

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Faith ended: “I made the rest myself from anything we had lying around.

“To personalize it, I added images of my family and daughter.

“It took me about two or three weeks of spending every evening from about 6.30pm until 10pm doing it.

“In the end the total cost of the project was £20. “I am very happy with how it turned out.”