Mum uses sari to lower her son down to neighbour’s balcony and retrieve fallen laundry


When a bundle of washing fell out of her 10th floor window and landed on the next balcony down, a woman from Faridabad in northern India decided that just popping downstairs and asking for the clothes back would take too long.

Instead she lowered her young son down the outside of the building using a sari as an improvised rope in a risky manoeuvre that one observer called the “heights of carelessness, insensitivity & irresponsibility”.

Indian police officer Dipanshu Kabra, who shared a video of the terrifying incident, expressed his absolute shock that a mother could be so reckless.

He added “she has no right to risk her kid’s life.”

The lad was dangling over a hundred feet up
The lad was dangling over a hundred feet up

The video shows the child standing on the 9th floor balcony railing.

He then takes a firm grip on one end of a dangling sari before his mother and an elderly woman, who is believed to be his grandmother, slowly haul him back up to the floor above.

The person filming the perilous procedure then zooms out to give a sense of just how high up the balconies are, before commenting that the boy would never have survived if he’d lost his grip on the bolt of cloth.

The boy’s mother now reportedly accepts that what she did was incredibly reckless.

The mum says she now regrets the reckless act
The mum says she now regrets the reckless act

One of her neighbours, Parveen Saraswat, a resident of the same society, told reporters that the woman hadn’t tried to get in touch with anyone also in the building for help after realising that no-one was at on the 9th floor flat .

The managers of the Florida apartment complex in Faridabad’s Sector 82 has written a letter to the woman asking her to explain the act, which took place on February 6.

Responding to IPS officer Dipanshu Kabra’s social media post, several people expressed their shock that t5he mum could be so reckless, but not everyone agreed.

One wrote “I’d do the same fearlessly while I was that age,” and another joked “she deserves the Michael Jackson Award”.