Mum with a dislocated right hip was left on the ground ‘in pain’ for 16 hours, after calling 999



Sharon Evans claims that her 12-year-old daughter is Sharon Evans “shaking like a leaf”As she waited for paramedics, she observed her mother lying on the ground waiting.

After dislocating her hip, a mother of two spent 16 hours waiting on the ground with her 12-year old daughter.

Sharon Evans (50) had just had the joint removed in an operation two month ago after being diagnosed with hip dysplasia. This is a condition that affects the socket’s ability in the hip to remain in its place.

This is amidst unprecedented pressure on the NHS. Record numbers of Covid infections are causing problems in other areas, such as staff shortages.

Lauren, a former NHS administrator, claims her heroic daughter has been traumatized by her mother’s 16-hour-long agony watching without pain relief.

Despite initially being told it would be a six hour wait for paramedics when they called 999 at around 12pm on December 30, crews didn’t show up until shortly before 4am the following morning.

Sharon, from Oswestry in Shropshire said: “I was about to take my daughter out to meet a friend, I bent down to put my shoe on and I heard it pop.

“The pain was absolutely horrendous. They advised me not to move and not to eat or drink anything.

“The only pain relief I had was paracetamol.

“They told me to try and not move but it was absolutely freezing in the hallway where I had fallen, so I managed to drag myself past the door.

“We were calling them every four hours to see where they were and they kept telling us someone was coming.

“I told them what I thought; that it was an absolute joke. My daughter was shaking like a leaf.”

Sharon was unable to reach her husband, who was at work, so Sharon called Luke, her son, 20 years old, who ran home and remained by Sharon’s side with his sister.

Each four hour update was received by the pair via 999 calls. They were informed each time that the crews were arriving.

Sharon continued: “I think it has really affected my daughter, she was alone with me watching me screaming with pain on the floor and I do think it has really traumatised her.

“She’s terrified of it happening again.

“My children are my heroes, I don’t know what I would have done without them.

“I dread to think if this had happened to an elderly person living alone, I doubt they would have survived.”

Sharon underwent emergency surgery and was released the next day. She spent New Year’s Eve in bed recuperating.

NHS England has revealed this week that December was the worst month for emergency care in four hours.

More than a quarter were left waiting over that threshold as just 73.3% of patients across England were seen by A&E staff within four hours during December.

This figure is the lowest recorded percentage since records began more than a decade back in November 2010.

Sky News reports that 80.3% of patients were seen last year within the deadline in December 2020.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Ambulance Service said: “The whole of the NHS remains under severe pressure and unfortunately, long hospital handover delays on the day meant some of our patients waited longer for an ambulance to come to them in the community than we would want.

“We are working with all local partners across the health and care system to reduce delays so crews can respond to the next incident as quickly as possible.”

“We would like to apologise to Mrs Evans for the time it took to reach her. Our staff are working tirelessly to respond to patients as soon as we can.”