Mum’s reaction at toddlers destroying her make-up collection at 5am splits opinions


After posting a video showing her reaction to her children breaking into her makeup and destroying her favorite cosmetics, a mum has ignited a fierce debate over parenting.

Laura, a mother-of-two, is seen opening her makeup drawer and finding her eyeshadow palettes all over the floor.

She said: “I woke up at 5 am to find the boys destroying my makeup. They had figured out how to unlock the drawers and got into everything.

“I was instantly angered by this. I was certain that everything that came out of me was anger. I was reacting rather than responding.”

Laura says she had to leave the room for 10 minutes and take “Deep breathes” to calm down before she could face speaking to her sons, aged one and three.

Explaining what she did next, she says: “I took out everything that I didn’t need and asked them to clear it up.

“Then I gave them both baby wipes and had them clear up the makeup that was smeared everywhere.”

Then, she told her boys. “absolutely unacceptable”She loved to play with her make-up and discovered other ways to get them involved. “messy play”.

Laura found makeup everywhere
Laura found beauty everywhere

Laura’s video was viewed over 8 million times. @lauralove5514TikTok account, and people disagreed over whether it was OK to shout at children.

One viewer stated: “Did you let them see you cry and feel angry? I would say that’s a natural consequence – seeing you’ve hurt someone.”

Another viewer commented: “No because this feels like a soft reaction. I am down with the whole gentle parenting thing but kids need discipline.”

Laura was horrified but managed to stay calm
Laura was shocked but managed to remain calm.

Someone else argued: “I have mixed feelings about this one I’m starting to feel like this method teaches you it’s ok to hurt people as long as you ‘clean up’ after.”

Laura was defended by another viewer. “Some of y’all are getting a bit too excited about the idea of punishing very young children and it’s kinda scary. Mom reacted in one of the best ways.”

One fan stated: “You sound like an excellent parent I couldn’t be that patient thankfully I’m never having kids.”

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