Muppets Haunted Mansion Updates: Who Are All the Guest Stars?


In case you missed it, this movie is based on the Haunted Mansion ride in Disneyland. In an interview with Polygon, Muppet writer and director Kirk Thatcher said this was the “fifth version of a Halloween-themed special.” Now that Disney owns the Muppets, it just made sense to incorporate one of the theme parks’ most popular rides. Using the Haunted Mansion also means using the staples of the ride that anyone who has ridden it will recognize.

For example, you’ll love Miss Piggy as Leota in crystal ball form. The singing graveyard and busts absolutely could not be ignored. And perhaps the most significant part of the ride is the ballroom section, where ghostly partners waltz around a dance floor for all of eternity. Instead of human ghosts, the movie chose to go with Muppets to blend the two worlds. Of course, Kirk wanted to be crystal (ball) clear, “They go to a Haunted Mansion, not the Haunted Mansion,” he explains.

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