Murder of Ray McNeil by a fellow bodybuilder wife, Sally McNeil – Subject of New Netflix Documentuseries


This may be the most bizarre known example of unusualness “roid rage”The focus of a three-part documentary series is a murder case in which a woman killed her body-builder husband following a difficult marriage.

“I killed the man that I loved the most in the world,”Sally McNeil, she said.

Ray McNeil and she were both champion bodybuilders, who used steroids for their muscle pumps.

She was the “The” “pumped-up princess,”The strong bride “killer Sally,”Her character name when she wrestled. The title of the Netflix documentary, which examines her story, is that last moniker.

Sally claims that her husband used steroid. “monster”Who physically abused her.

Their volatile relationship came to an abrupt halt in Oceanside, California on Valentine’s Day 1995.

“I just shot my husband because he just beat me up,” she told a 911 operator.”

Sally, who was being tried at her trial, claimed that she was a battered women, afraid for her life on the fateful night her husband attempted to choke her.

Prosecutors said that she had a history of violence. McNeil, according to them, attacked her husband with his shotgun, went into her bedroom to reload, then returned to shoot him in face.

Although she claimed that she had stopped using steroids, authorities claim that steroids were still present in her blood at the time she was arrested.

McNeil was sentenced and spent 25 years in prison. In 2020, McNeil was released and she agreed to sit down for the interview. “Killer Sally” documentary.

“I killed him because I was protecting myself. He was trying to kill me,”She spoke.

Nanette Burstein helmed the series.

“Sally is not the perfect victim,”She spoke. “Sometimes I was swayed to believe in her innocence and other times her guilt, but at the end of the day, I came away believing it was a miscarriage of justice.”

“Killer Sally”Netflix can stream it.


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