Museum defends man in lingerie played at children’s event


The museum that allowed a man to wear women’s lingerie was controversially justified their decision to let him play with Lego near children. One visitor criticised the museum for this. “disgusting”.

Photos showed a man wearing pink boots, fishnet stockings and women’s clothing surrounded by children. “Nights at the Museum”Reminder: Event will be held again in April

The Australian Museum, located in Sydney, has spoken out in defense of their claims that they were offering a “safe place where everyone feels welcome”, reported.

“You let a male in fetish gear play in the kids Lego pit during the school holidays,”The accompanying image was also tweeted by the woman.

Visitors described the incident as 'disgusting'
The incident was described as “disgusting” by witnesses.

“When I spoke to security they said they could do nothing and pointed me to the organiser. He’s sitting there with his full package out. Disgusting!”

The woman’s account appears to have since been deleted.

On social media, others joined in with their comments. One user stated: “Man in fetish clothes wants to play with children and the museum are too chicken to remove him.

“I’m shocked that the parents didn’t pick him up by the hair and kick him into next week. He was poking the hornet’s nest.”

Another writer wrote: “Back in the day I worked on an adventure playground, and this herbert would have been ejected from it in double quick time.”

Since then, the Australian Museum has released a statement declaring that they had received no information from the museum. “safety of our visitors and staff is out top priority”.

They also added: “The images shared by the ‘Sydney Radfem’ Twitter account on Tuesday 3 May 2022 were taken nearly three weeks earlier at approximately 8pm during a Nights at the Museum event held on Thursday 14 April 2022.

“The teams investigated and confirmed that the individuals in fancy dress were keeping to themselves and had not interacted with anyone else in the area that was open to all.

“This was confirmed by the Australian Museum teams. ‘Sydney Radfem’The mother of the child, who stayed till the end with her child.”

The museum stated they would now be making the brick play pit a “Children’s area”.

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