Musical Youth Drummer, played on ‘Pass the Dutchie.


Frederick Waite Jr., a drummer for Musical Youth, is the music legend of the 1980s behind the hit song “Pass the Dutchie,”This was featured recently on Stranger ThingsSeason 4 has been terminated. Waite died in Birmingham, where Musical Youth were founded in 1979. His death was reported by A city council notice. The cause of his death is not yet known. Waite was 55.

Musical Youth announced that the famed musician had died.Facebook shared the following statementThe band composed the song, “We are sad to announce the passing of Musical Youth’s drummer Frederick Waite Jr. Our thoughts go out to him and his family during this sad time.”Musical Youth continued to share. “We have lost a musical legend, who inspired many young musicians over the last 40 years. Rest in Eternal Peace.”

Waite was 12 years old when Musical Youth was founded. Waite, his brother Patrick (bass), Kelvin Grant(guitars, lead vocals) & Michael Grant (keyboards) were the band’s frontmen. According to Waite’s father Frederick Waite Sr., Waite was a member the Jamaican reggae group The Techniques. He also shared the lead vocal duties. NME. After the band signed with MCA Records in early 2003, Waite was promoted to drummer, and Dennis Seaton took over as Waite Sr.’s lead vocals.

They had their big break in 1982 as the band was 11 years old and 15 years old. The release of their hit song “The Big Break” marked their turning point. “Pass The Dutchie.”Cover of 1981 hit song by the Mighty Diamond “Pass the Kutchie,”The song was sold over five million copies around the world and reached the top of the charts in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. The song appeared on the band’s debut album. The Youth of TodayAfter it was prominently featured in the latest Netflix season,,, has recently made a huge comeback. Stranger Things.

These are the following The Youth of TodayMusical Youth released their next album. Different Styles1983. Singles were included on the album like “Sixteen”And “007.”Musical Youth disbanded after 1985. After the death Patrick Waite (in 1993), plans to reunite in ’90s didn’t materialize. Seaton and Michael formed Musical Youth in 1002 as a duo. They released the album. Reggae was King In 2018.

Recall Waite in a Statement, per BBCSeaton suggested that Waite could be classified as the “best drummer in the world for his age,”Add that he “led the band with commitment and hard work.”Waite was honoured by the Reggae and Brummie bands UB40 who wrote a tribute. “R.I.P JR. How sad to hear this news. Our thoughts go out to his family and Musical Youth.”

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