Mustafa Gatollari, Brandon Alvis and Brandon Alvis Announce a New Paranormal Series


Ghost Hunters stars Brandon Alvis and Mustafa Gatollari will star in a new show,Haunted Discoveries. The series is set in Kentucky, where Alvis, Gatollari, historical researcher Malia MiglinoParanormal activity investigator Kevin Otte look at the most haunted and spooky locations in the state.Haunted DiscoveriesThis book expands on the mythology described in Alvis and Gatollari’s book The Elements of a Haunting.

“We’re telling real ghost stories in a beautiful, cinematic way,”Gatollari stated in a statement. “Brandon’s not just an incredible paranormal investigator, he’s a ridiculously talented filmmaker. To combine emotional and scary tales with legitimate research is a dream come true.”Alvis assured viewers the show would go on as planned. “is going to upend the current state of paranormal TV in a big, big way.”

(Photo: Stargazer Television)

Alvis begins the eight-episode series by searching for haunted locations for the American Paranormal Research Association. The team selected Kentucky to be their first state of investigation, looking at haunted estates and abandoned jails as well as witchcraft burial grounds. Alvis and Gatollari will team up again with Zk Sheino, an astronaut engineer, and Harry. “Doc”Kloor is open to new experiments “The goal of A.P.R.A. has always been to try and move paranormal analysis out of the realm of pseudoscience and establish it as a legitimate field of study, and the best way to do that is subject our finds to scientific scrutiny,” Alvis said.

Production Haunted DiscoveriesThe team visited the site earlier in the month. Grand Victorian Inn Park City, KentuckyThe, and Hall Place Bed & Breakfast in Glasgow, Kentucky. “We’re delving into the history and alleged hauntings at these places,”Otte told the Daily News. “We’re trying to hit places that aren’t as well-known.” Gatollari later said the team found “some intriguing stuff that’s hard to explain”Franklin, Kentucky

Gatollari explained why Haunted Discoveries chose Kentucky for their first season. “a lot to offer.”The team “specifically looked for Jesse James at the Talbott Tavern in Bardstown. A lot of people say they’ve seen the ghost of Jesse James there,”He stated.

Haunted Discoveries The show does not yet have a premiere date nor a network home. Otte stated that he hopes it will air somewhere in the fall. The show is produced by Stargazer Television with A&G Creative. Zach O’Brien, Shane O’Brien, and Otte, Alvis and Gatollari are the executive producers. Anthony Del Negro is also a producer.