“My boyfriend’s phone keeps ringing and it is making me crazy.”


A woman expressed her frustration at her partner’s phone usage and refusal to switch off the device. This means that their private time is constantly being interrupted.

We don’t know why, but it’s just really not that socially acceptable to have your phone on loud all the time.

If your phone rings while you are out in public, it will be a signal that the phone is not on silent. This could indicate that you have just announced something extraordinary.

Imagine if your boyfriend was constantly updating your Instagram, Messenger, Snapchat, and WhatsApp notifications. It would quickly get irritating.

One person went to the Guardian’s ‘you be the judge’Recently, they claimed that they were in the same situation as hers and asked for their opinions.

Ravinda, a woman who is only known as Ravinda, stated that Derek’s boyfriend never leaves his phone on silent, which drives her crazy.

She explained: “He loves having his phone on full volume all the time. Europe’s The Final Countdown blasts out each time he gets a call, and he has those clanging bells for his app notifications and texts. He takes a lot of calls and I can hear his phone constantly beeping, chiming and buzzing.”

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He claims the notification sounds help him stay on top of his work but his partner isn’t convinced.

Ravinda also added: “It’s not just work – he keeps his phone on loud in the evenings, too. Our conversations and private time are constantly interrupted by alerts announcing some Instagram updates.”

Derek wanted to defend himself and said: “Phones make a sound for a reason – so that we can stay on track of our notifications and messages. I don’t know why Ravinda is so offended by this concept.”

He explained he wants his notifications on so he doesn’t miss anything with his busy digital marketing role and he likes having the sound on.

He admitted getting a thrill from notifications and even said he’d started to turn his phone on silent during the night at Ravinda’s request because otherwise, it’d cause problems. However, he insists on having the notifications turned on throughout the day. ‘make his life easier.’

One wrote: “Derek, there’s no need for full volume and all the alerts that are bleeding into your home lives. There’s no excuse for that level of intrusion: you can get notifications through vibrating alerts or a smartwatch. The lack of compromise shows a lack of consideration for Ravinda. Be the better person here.”

Another offer: “Sharing a work and home space requires negotiation and compromise. For harmony, Derek needs to find a decibel level and tone agreeable to Ravinda. There’s a thrill to switching your phone to silent!”

A third responded: “Derek needs to ask why he derives so much of his self-worth from clients and pings on his phone. Rather than undermining Ravinda, he ought to think about accommodating and prioritising her presence when they’re sharing space and time.”

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