My Dry Hands Revived by an $8 Hand Cream With 64.100+ 5-Star Reviews


Check out these Amazon reviews by happy Amazon customers if you aren’t quite ready to buy.

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream Reviews

A shopper declared, “In my opinion the best heavy duty cracked skin healing lotion on the market. Most damage is repaired in 4 days or less. Pain gone in 1 day or less. It is a bit waxy, but well worth in inconvenience. My wife is in full agreement as well.”

Another claim was: “This is the only moisturizer that has worked for me. As an elementary school teacher I wash my hands much more than the average person. They are frequently dry and cracked. This is the only thing that has actually restored my cracked dry skin. I apply consistently before bed every night. Does the trick.”

Someone else explained, “I have extremely sensitive skin and eczema that flares up frequently on my hands since I work in clay. I love this product because it doesn’t irritate my skin when I apply it, it doesn’t stay greasy, and actually helps clear up the dry skin and eczema.”

Amazon customer: “Best hand lotion ever. Fantastic for dry fingertips. You can see the difference is as little as two days.”

A fan shared his love for the product. “Works just as advertised. My right hand had several dry patches of skin due to possible eczema and this stuff smoothened the skin completely in just 2 nights. I recommend.”

“This stuff is worth it’s weight in gold. I had tried so many things for my hands for months and nothing made any effect to improve my hands whatsoever. I would go outside and my hands would be fine and after 5 minutes they would start to bleed. Then I bought this stuff and literally overnight my hands were so much better. I wish I would have taken a picture of the progression, but it only took 3 days with a very light amount of cream completely turn things around. I’m still using this a few nights a week but the cream goes so far and works so well,” a shopper reviewed. 

Another customer wrote: “This truly moisturized my hands. When you rub it on it feels very thin, like water. Once it is rubbed in your hands feel hydrated. There is no greasy feel at all. I love this cream!”

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