‘My husband is 25 years older – people think he’s my dad and call me gold digger’


Rosana Inkpen, 20, from Auckland in New Zealand, first met husband Scott, 46, when he came to her hometown on holiday – and despite being only 18 at the time, she knew this older man was The One

A married woman who got engaged to her 44-year-old husband when she was just 18 says she’s often mistaken for his daughter.

Rosana Inkpen, 20, from Auckland in New Zealand, met hubby Scott in 2018 and, despite the 25 year age gap between them, the pair hit it off immediately.

At the time, Scott was visiting New Zealand from Australia, where he’d been working as a steel worker.

But after bonding with Rosana, he made the move over to the Pacific island – and the pair got engaged a few months later.

Rosana said: “Scott was the talk of the week and I was very curious about who he was and why he was so interesting.

“He came over to New Zealand for a holiday and we started talking. We stayed in touch for a few months. No one could make me laugh like he could.

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“I went to visit him in Australia and we had one on one time together so I developed feelings.”

When Scott made the move to New Zealand, Rosana seized her opportunity to show him how much he meant to her and popped the question.

“People said it was never going to last and it was moving too fast,” Rosana recalled, but added their relationship was so trusting, she knew Scott was The One.

However, the 25-year age gap brought its challenges and Rosana admits it hasn’t always been smooth sailing – with the pair having to fend off abuse from strangers.

She’s been branded a “toddler” and a “gold digger” while out and about with her beau – but over time, the nasty comments have stung less and less.

Rosana admits she was too “insecure” to hold Scott’s hand in public when they first started dating, for fear they’d receive dirty looks. But since they married in January this year, they’ve proudly displayed their love, not caring what others think.

She said: “I did lose friends when we got together. My partner was the same age as their parents but I learned who my friends are.

“A lot of people think I’m his daughter. I just say that I don’t do the incest thing and they chuckle and get embarrassed.

“When I was getting my first Covid jab and he was getting his second, one of the nurses asked if I’d come with my dad and I told her he’s my husband and people were laughing at her.”

She added that, over time, she’s come to realise that most people mean no harm by the assumption she’s Scott’s daughter.

“We get a lot of dirty looks mainly. At the start of the relationship, I used to feel awkward.

“I didn’t want to hold his hand or hug him in public because I was so insecure about the age gap. I thought someone might come and tell him to get off me. Now I just salute the haters with my middle finger.”

Scott, 46, who is now working as a gardener, says the age gap has actually been a huge positive in their relationship.

“Some of my friends congratulated me on being with a 20-year-old,” he said.

“We have such a spark. One benefit of being with someone younger is that we work hard, so you want to come home and chill but she wants to be active.”

Rosana’s parents Steve, 50, and Roseabelle, 49, are fully supportive of the pair, even though they’re only a few years older than Scott.

The couple are hoping to have children of their own, although Scott already has four kids from a previous relationship – Kaitlin, 17, Keira, 16, Kase, 10 and Charlotte, seven.

Although the pair are smitten, Rosana admits she worries about what will happen in the future, knowing Scott won’t have as long as her to start a family.

Meanwhile, Scott worries Rosana will move on and want to find a younger partner.

Rosana said: “I always have the thought that I’ll be around longer than him in my mind. We’ve had serious talks about what will happen.

“He gets insecure about what will happen when he gets grey hair thinking I’ll look for someone else but I’ll love him until the days end and we both stop breathing.

“I’ll always be there for him. We’re looking to start a family soon. We don’t want the whole alphabet but I’d like two kids.”

Scott, who calls himself a “family man,” says he thinks the pair will have “the cutest kids” because “my wife is a stunner.”

“I don’t worry about me not being around but I worry about her when I’m gone,” he said.

“She’s a beautiful soul and she’s tough, she’s tougher than me sometimes. I’ve had a few downs and she’s my up.”

The pair hope they can break down stereotypes about age gap relationships by sharing their own story.

Rosana said: “Before people judge us for the age gap, they should meet us. Never judge a book by its cover.

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“A lot of his friends who judge me have never met me and the ones who accept and love me have spent time with me.

“Anyone in an age gap relationship should ignore everyone else and live their best life.”