‘My pregnant girlfriend faked a potential miscarriage just so I would pick her up’


An expecting dad has expressed his anger after his pregnant girlfriend made up excruciating stomach pains just so he would come home from work and give her a lift

When you’re expecting a baby, the worst thing you can possibly hear is that there could be something wrong before your child has even entered the world.

So, you can understand just how terrified one expecting dad was when he received a call at work from his pregnant girlfriend, who said she was experiencing excruciating stomach pains and thought she might be experiencing a miscarriage.

The dad-to-be told his boss what was going on, who encouraged him to leave work and rush home so that he could take his girlfriend to hospital, but when he arrived, there was nothing wrong with her.

“I drove like crazy to get to the apartment complex, I ran upstairs and once I opened the door I found her sitting on the chair dressed in a casual outift, makeup on and chewing a gum,” he wrote on Reddit’s AITA forum.

“She got up and started talking about how late I was. I asked what about her horrible pain then she said she was fine but told me a little white lie so I could take time off work and drive her to the mall where her girl friends were since it was the ‘only way’ I would give her a lift.”

For context, the man explained, his 22-year-old girlfriend can’t drive for medical reasons, and had been relying on lifts from him since they moved in together, as she could no longer rely on her dad taxiing her everywhere.

“I work long hours in a stressful field. Many times she’s asked me to leave work so I could drive her places. I got in trouble at work cause of it as it seemed unprofessional of me to just leave work to drive her places. I told her how this had been affecting my job and she started using public transportation since her dad wasn’t available,” the 25-year-old explained.

After discovering she was pregnant, his girlfriend told him she wouldn’t be using public transport over health concerns, warning him that he better be prepared for her to call him at any time.

“I said absolutely not I have a job that I want to keep it to be able to provide for the baby and told her unless it’s an emergency then I won’t leave work just to drive her around. She was p***ed and tried to guilt me about how absent and selfish I’m becoming as a father and basically shamed me for letting her resort to public transportation instead of being worried about her and the baby’s health.”

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After discovering that his partner had not only lied about a medical emergency, but also made him fear that his child’s life was in danger, the dad-to-be completely “lost [his] ever-loving s*** on her.”

“I told her that from now on out I will not be driving her anywhere in my car no matter what. Never again. She called her dad on me then left. He came over to my parents house the next day and literally unleashed his nastiness on me calling me a low life to treat his daughter like this and ban her from getting near my car,” he continued.

“My family were watching as he said that I was abusing his daughter and called me a fool to think he won’t put me in my place once I overstep and I just have. My uncle had an argument with him and had him leave. One of my family said my girlfriend is my baby’s mother and family after all and I might’ve overreacted but I might lose my job now.”

The man then turned to Reddit to question whether he’d overreacted in banning his pregnant girlfriend from his car, and many argued he hadn’t taken the issue far enough.

“You’ve done nothing wrong. What an unfortunate person you chose to have a baby with, though,” one Reddit user commented.

Another added: “Seriously break up with her. She doesn’t respect you, and she’s heartless enough to lie about a miscarriage to get a ride to the mall. It’ll be better for you and the kid to co-parent while not being together.”

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