Mysterious as it is bizarre ‘black hole’With three sides found on Google Maps – World News


This strange find is not like an island. Images show that it has been blacked out. Users speculated about its identity on social media.

Google Maps users discovered a mysterious “black hole” that was not obvious to the naked eye.

A Reddit user was shocked by the phenomenon and shared it on social media site Reddit.

It looks nothing like an island, and photos show it is darkened out. This has prompted speculation about its identity.

Reddit user Kokoblocks wrote this: “what the F*** this looks nothing like an island”.

The posters at the site seemed confused, and couldn’t decide if it was an island or a portal to another dimension.

It looks like a dark circle with the ocean around it.

However, it lacks detail or color and appears completely blanked.

It was eventually discovered to be an atoll, or a ring-shaped coral Reef owned by the Republic of Kirabiti. This island is now known as Vostok.

Live ScienceGoogle has blurred the distinction between military sites, and other sites, as Google frequently does. “secret”Locations to keep secret information about the locations of such sites. This has led to speculation about possible a “black hole”.

Reddit user SubmittedThis is: “My first thought was that it’s censored,”

“It wouldn’t make sense for a natural formation to be black like that in such a shallow, small atoll/island.”

Reddit users discovered that the mystery black hole was Vostok Island, an uninhabited atoll located 2,280 km (3,902 mi) east of Sydney, Australia.

“Could maybe be an underground volcano which is what causes the blackness, assuming it isn’t a hole. Most likely igneous rock,”Reddit user speculative.

National GeographicVostok is among five atolls located in the Pacific Ocean’s southern Line Islands. These are seldom visited by humans.

It is also believed that the chain of islands has a remarkable diversity in terms of its fauna and flora, both on-shore and offshore.