Mystery: Three Young People vanish within the same 50-Mile Radius of Texas over 2 Months.


Officials are still puzzled by the disappearances three young adults within Texas’ 50-mile radius. 

Two women and one person are missing. Local outlet News 4 San Antonio first reported. 

The sheriff’s department appealed for the help of the community in finding the three missing people and published descriptions and information about where they last saw them. 

Jordan Tompkins last walked alone on PR 37, April 22. Tompkins stands at 5’3″ tall and is 130 pounds. She has brown eyes, short dark blonde hair and tattoos.

Brittany McMahon, last seen June 19, at Old Loop 173. She is 5 feet, 1 inch tall and weighs 120 pounds. McMahon has hazel eyes, blonde hair with dark roots, tattoos and was suffering from a broken left wrist when she vanished.

One resident found skeletal remains close to his property on Sunday. Authorities believe they may be McMahon. According to the Bandera Bulletin.

“It is believed to be the remains of Brittany McMahon, who has been missing since last month, but that determination will be made pending autopsy results,”King spoke Tuesday morning to the Bulletin. 

Judge Mike Towers has ordered an autopsy to be performed by Central Texas Autopsy in Lockhart, according to the outlet. There was no further information on the condition or circumstances of the remains. 

Dimitri Perez was reported missing on April 14, and was last seen at Regan Wells, off Highway 83 in Leakey.

Anyone with information in connection to any of the missing person cases is encouraged to contact the Bandera County Sheriff’s Office at 830-796-4323.