Nacon MGX Pro review: This controller is one of the best for mobile and offers a home-like experience on the go – James Ide


The Nacon MG- X Pro is designed for gamers who don’t want to compromise their portable experience when playing on their mobile devices

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Nacon releases mobile gaming controller MGX PRO

Nacon MG-X Pro

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Mobile gaming is paradoxical. The screen and processors of mobile devices have been incredible, rivaling home consoles.

These devices are powerful, but their greatest limitation is their small size. On-screen touch controls are a pain in the neck.

They can be cramped and will obstruct your screen. Your hands may also get in the way. A controller is slower than a controller, as long-term gamers have muscle memory.

French gaming accessories company Nacon did the impossible. With the release of their new controller, MG-X Pro, streaming games has become a joy for me.

You could use many other controllers with your Xbox One, but the MG-X Pro’s split housing design brings your device closer to portable devices such as the Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck.

I’ve dabbled in mobile gaming in the past using my 8bitdo controllers, which felt a little awkward. An ugly Moga Pro controller was something I had many years ago. It was a basic controller with a built-in mobile clip.

These experiences have left me with low expectations about the MG-X Pro. However, I’m delighted to say it blew me away, making mobile gaming much more appealing.

The official Xbox accessory, the MG-X Pro, is based on the Xbox controller’s button layout and appearance. It also includes the Xbox Nexus button and asymmetric joystick positions. This makes it a familiar experience for Xbox users.

The MG-X Pro has a height (11.7 cm), a width (25.7cm) and a depth (7cm). It feels very similar to a standard Xbox Controller.

It fits comfortably in the palm and is easy to grip thanks to its textured rear grip.

With a weight of around 350g despite its chunky build, it is light and easy to carry, however, as it’s the Pro model I wish it came with a carry case, as this is supposed to appeal to gamers on the go.

The MG-X feels solid, sturdy, and balanced in the hands. The A, B and X buttons have been slightly larger to make them easier to see and press. This is a Nacon classic and it’s clicky and quick.

The concave thumbsticks were comfortable and easy to use, which made it easier for me to aim slightly higher.

The analog triggers worked well with some travel, but not too far, and were responsive.

The slightly curved surface of the D-pad felt great for fighting or classic 2D games. It was not too soft nor squishy, but it was still rigid enough to allow precision and comfort.

Although it may feel strange at first, once you have your mobile phone inside, the telescopic housing located in the middle feels secure and comfortable. I tried several devices, and the MG-X Pro held each one securely.

Devices are not only clamped in place, there’s also a textured rubberised grip in place as well as some of the controller hooks around the device just enough to add more stability.

You should be cautious when you place or remove a mobile. The extended plastic can come back and catch your hands.

The device is held in place, there’s even some space to accommodate some phones with rather large cameras.

I tested a few different phones with this device, but I did most of my gaming on either my Honor 50 with a 6.78” display or my Samsung S20 with a 6.2” screen.

Obviously, it supports Xbox Cloud Gaming, allowing Game Pass members to stream games directly to the device, I’m delighted to say playing Halo and many of the other compatible Game Pass games was a blast.

But that’s not all, I also used it with Google Stadia which was amazing with the MG-X PRO
I found Cyberpunk2077 to be a crazy experience, especially considering I have never liked streaming games on my phone before.

I tried the Nvidia GeForce Now Metro and Death Stranding, and felt no lag or latency.

Native Android games are great because they run directly off the phone. For example, I was playing GTA Vice City or Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. Sadly, Genshin Impact and Call of Duty Mobile aren’t currently supported.

However, emulated games made up the difference. This made my controller a versatile tool in the gaming arsenal.

It’s easy to connect the controller to your phone wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2. This low-powered, but still stable technology allows you to make a connection. After pairing the controller, it was very simple to turn on my phone and choose my device.

The Bluetooth 4.2 low-energy works well, unlike many similar devices that use a USB connector or the newer Bluetooth 5.0 for lower latency. It never disconnects in my tests and does not cause any latency or lag.

Android 6.0 or higher is required for your device. It will not work with iPhones.

Nacon chose to make the MG-X Pro a rechargeable Lithium-Ion cell instead of AAs. The battery can last around 20 hours, charges in under two hours using a standard USB-C, and comes with a cable.

I was surprised to discover that the MGX- Pro doesn’t feature any sort of vibration or force feedback. I also noticed there’s also no accompanying app for tweaking and customising your controller like on Nacon’s Revolution X controller.


The Nacon MG-X Pro controller is balanced with its classic Xbox design. It feels almost like a standard Xbox controller.

Buttons work well and are responsive. I feel little to no input latency on various streaming services and games.

It’s incredibly versatile working with games streaming services like Xbox, Stadia and GeForce Now as well as native Android games and many emulators right out of the box, giving you a vast library of games, you can play in a near console-like experience.

The Pro edition is a bit more distinguishable than the Nacon MG-X. It should have a case or an app.

That said the Nacon MG-X Pro has done such a great job it’s made me seriously reconsider mobile gaming and given how stubborn I am, I can’t think of higher praise.

Securely holding your device and featuring a great battery life, and is solid yet still lightweight making it a great choice for gamers on the go who don’t want to compromise their favourite games.

The Nacon MG-X Pro can be purchased now Argos for £79.99