Naomi Watts Launches Menopause Brand Stripes Because Menopause Isn’t A Dirty Word


Naomi Watts is an actor who has seen it all. Watts, 54, has played many characters that have experienced loss, suffering, or great tragedies. Watts was however shocked to discover that her body began changing in her 30s.

Watts had never been prepared for menopause. She didn’t even see it coming. She was actually shocked when she experienced perimenopause during her 30s. That’s why She recently co-founded Stripes. This brand offers education, resources, as well as a community for women experiencing menopause or perimenopause.

Women Shouldn’t Have To Go Through Menopause Alone

Stripes exists to support women who are going through the menopause transition. Watts experienced perimenopause as a young woman and was surprised to discover that there wasn’t a lot of support. She also didn’t hear many people discussing around the issue. Watts started Stripes to help build community and bring up the topic of menopause.

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Watts is fulfilling her mission. Watts attended the New Pause Symposium in New York City last week to discuss the importance and impact of menopause. She also explained why Stripes was founded. There’s a lot more to menopause than what is usually said publicly. She says this in an Instagram post that she posted about the symposium’s discussion on menopause. “The conversation is just getting started.”

Watts attended the symposium shortly after she launched Stripes, which provides relief for menopausal symptoms via a variety of products and a support community for women going through menopause. The actress spoke about her experiences with perimenopause, and the importance of Stripes’ community.

“I found myself at 36 and perimenopausal, a word I didn’t even know about, and at the precipice of trying to start a family,”Watts spoke at the symposium. “So I went into complete panic, felt very lonely, very much less-than or like some kind of failure and what was I going to do? There was no one to talk to, there was no information, basically on my visit to the doctor, who said, ‘Well you’re not getting pregnant … your bloodwork is indicating that you’re close to menopause,’ so I was freaking out.”

‘Too Young’To Feel Menopause

Watts felt too young to go through perimenopause. For many years, she kept this part her life secret. In fact, she didn’t think about sharing her experience with others until she was in her 50s. 

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At the symposium, Watts shared that it wasn’t until the pandemic that she began considering taking on projects that dealt with menopause. Watts reflected on ways she could help others who are going through perimenopause like she did. 

“I started letting the ideas percolate, and that’s when I said, ‘Okay now I’m on the other side of 50, I don’t have to feel that shame.’ It is the average age. I’m now beyond the average age and I can actually say it out loud and I can say, having gone through the worst part of it, I’m on the other side of it now.”

‘A World Where Menopause Isn’t A Dirty Word’

The birth of Stripes is upon us. As the company claims on their website. “Because while menopause may be part of midlife, midlife is a lot more than just menopause.”Watts made it her mission, to normalize the discussion about menopause and to help other women age comfortably through midlife transitions. Women can find support through Stripes. They are able to connect with others and have their needs met. As Watts shared the following Instagram postDuring menopause, it is crucial to ensure that women have visibility and a sense of community.

Stripes has many products for women going through menopause. From hydrating facial serums to revitalizing hair masks and probiotic supplements for your “down there” (as the website says), Stripes has you covered with products that support women’s menopausal experiences. You can also feel good about purchasing products from the company. Stripes is inclusive, environmentally friendly and committed to helping women age comfortably.

Stripes, which is committed to sustainability, has partnered the biotech company Amyris. This partnership allows Stripes the ability to create. “holistic, science-backed solutions”Women going through menopause. Their website states that they offer “menopause support” for women going through menopause. “active ingredients are sustainably sourced and created to be good to both you and our planet.”

Stripes is also not anti-aging. The brand’s mission is to help women age comfortably. This is done by offering solutions that assist women through the menopause transitions. Stripes considers aging a privilege and something to be celebrated.

We need a brand that is committed to eliminating the stigma and shame surrounding menopause. Stripes is doing exactly that. Stripes is shining the spotlight unapologetically on menopause by using science-based research, squelching the stigma surrounding menopause and creating a women’s community.

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