National Butterfly Center in Texas Closes Due to Perceived Dangers


In light of a three-day closure, the National Butterfly Center (NBC) in Texas will close for three days “We Stand America”This event will take place within 20 minutes of the property. NBC’s executive director, Marianna Trevino Wright, said the decision was made after she and her son were confronted by people connected to the group on Friday.

Trevino Wright said that on Friday, January 21, two women arrived at the Mission, Texas property and asked to be allowed in. 

“In their words, they wanted to see the illegals crossing on rafts,”Trevino Wright stated. “That has never happened here in the ten years I have been executive director. We have cameras all over the property.”

NBC, a non profit dedicated to the conservation and protection of butterflies, can be found on the Rio Grande River just a quarter mile from the U.S. Mexico border.

It refuses to make space for it on its land, making it a target for the fight against the border wall. So when the center was informed that several Trump supporting groups, including Women Fighting for America, Veterans for America First, and Latinos for Trump, were organizing a rally in McAllen, Texas, this weekend, Trevino Wright said she doesn’t want to put her staff or guests at risk.

The center decided to close Friday Jan. 28 – Jan. 30. In an emaiTheir reasoning was explained:

“We are writing to let you know the National Butterfly Center will be closed Friday, Jan. 28 – Sunday, Jan. 30, due to credible threats we have received from a former state official, regarding activities planned by the ‘We Stand America’ event this weekend.”

Trevino Wright stated to Inside Edition Digital that she was told by a former official that the center was likely to be a target. “that they needed to be armed at all times or out of town.”

Trevino Wright stated that she also reported the threat to police. She also claimed that she reported the two women who arrived at her property to police. Trevino Wright asserts that one of the women tried and ran over her son. Inside Edition has a recording which shows that a physical altercation took place. She also stated that she reported the incident to Mission Police Department.

The Mission Police Department did not respond to Inside Edition Digital’s request for comment. 

On the event’s webpage, it says that the conference will focus on “border law enforcement and the direct connection to election integrity from a Biblical worldview.” What they called a “rolling car protest on the border”This event will be held on Sunday.

In 2020, a court ruled that building the wall on the 100-acre property would violate the center’s property rights. Online, many fake images claim that the center houses a dock where illegal immigrants can enter the country. The image has been altered. 

Trevino Wright said due to all of this, she’s not willing to keep the center open during this time. 

“This is the same sort of inflammatory activity and rhetoric that ultimately resulted in the Walmart massacre and it’s been organized by the same bad actors,”Trevino Wright stated.  

A white 21-year old gunman traveled 600 miles in August 2019 to kill Hispanics near Cielo Vista, Texas. He opened fire on 22 people, and injured 26 others. 

“It’s just not worth the safety of our visitors and our guests,”Trevino Wright has been added. 

According to pre-pandemic statistics, the National Butterfly Center sees approximately 35,000 people annually.