Navy Wife Efforts to Get Husband Released From Japan Jail to White House


A Navy wife fights to save her husband from Japanese jail.

Lt. Ridge Alkonis was found guilty of falling asleep behind his car’s wheel and colliding with a row cars, resulting in the deaths of two people.

Alkonis was in Japan stationed and had hiked Mount Fuji with his family. Alkonis insists that he did not fall asleep and Navy investigators concluded that he had altitude sickness. 

A Japanese court found him guilty of negligence and sentenced to three years imprisonment.

“There was no crime. It was a medical emergency,” Alkonis’s wife Brittany told Inside Edition as supporters took their appeal to President Joe Biden.

Brittany answered the question “If her husband fell asleep at his wheel”, “No. He wasn’t tired. He was mid-conversation with my daughter. He was telling me to close my eyes, because I was going to be car sick, and then he just lost consciousness,” Brittany said. 

Brittany described how their children were shocked to learn that their father was going to prison.

“My two daughters just got real quiet. They started crying. My son was the one who was asking, ‘Why does daddy have to go to jail. Jail’s for bad people. I don’t want daddy to go to jail. Can I go with him?’” Brittany said.

Trevor Reed, an ex-Marine who spent three years in Russian prison before being released in April was there to show support. 

“Hopefully Ridge has a good chance of our government taking action and doing the right thing and getting him home,”Reed said.

On Tuesday, the case was brought up at a briefing for journalists by the State Department.

“It’s caused tremendous heartache for all involved. We’re continuing to monitor the situation with the Department of Defense and our embassy in Tokyo,”Ned Price, spokesperson State Department

Brittany Alkonis states that she will remain in D.C. and not return to their California home for as long as necessary.

“I need to talk to President Biden. I do believe that he’s not in town today, but that’s OK. I will still be here whenever he’s ready,” Brittany said.

The State Department confirmed that they are in contact with Japanese officials to find a solution.