NBC Jokes About Jersey Mike’s Ad


Although the French Open was at its climax on Sunday, some viewers were distracted from the NBC broadcast. CGI was used by broadcasters to insert an advertisement for Jersey Mike’s Subs onto the court. Viewers weren’t pleased and had harsh words to say about the advertisers.

The French Open, which pits some of the top tennis players against each other, has kept the sports world riveted for the past two weeks. Rafael Nadal won the title by beating Casper Ruud again on Saturday, June 4. However, some fans felt that the event was marred by the Jersey Mike logo sprayed over the court. CGI formatting only attracted extra attention to an advertisement that fans thought was strange in this context.

French Open matches are played on traditional clay tennis courts. This means that advertisements can’t be painted or carved on the courts. Tennis fans felt Jersey Mike’s was going a long distance to reach a small audience, even though they might be in a very narrow range of their target audience.

All the social media chatter over this advertisement may have been pointless in the end. Let’s take a look at the reaction of tennis fans to Jersey Mike’s logo appearing on the French Open court.

Not very French

Commenters felt that this advertisement was directly opposed to French culture.



Some viewers thought Jersey Mikes was a better option than the other sponsors that tennis has had in recent years. They hoped that this would make the sport more relatable and mainstream.


Target Audience

Fans believed that tennis fans are health-conscious and don’t want fast food.


Wanda Sykes

Wanda Sykes, who was also watching the live stream, had a lively Twitter discussion about this advertisement. Many of her followers also did a double-take and assumed that they had imagined the logo.



The fans laughed and said that they would have valued this effort more had Jersey Mike’s shown the willingness to pay for an in person graphic, not an add-on CGI.


Tennis HQ

Many fans laughed that they’d now assume that every Jersey Mike’s was filled with other tennis enthusiasts like them.


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