NC Teen Regains Memory after Nearly Five Years of Amnesia


Caitlin had lost all her memories of previous days for nearly five years.

North Carolina teenager was struck in the head at a sporting event in 2017. She was then thrown into an amnesia-like world where her brain resets every night. Her father would need to explain everything that happened yesterday.

The track athlete is now attempting to get back some memories.

“It does feel like a miracle,”Jennifer Little, Jennifer’s mother, said it. WGHP-TV.

Her father was more calm.

“It’s not an overnight miracle, though. It’s been going on for almost five years,”Chris Little explained to the station. “Especially considering the fact that most people can do something like this for about two years, and then they run out of steam, run out of money, run out of hope.”

Caitlin’s parents credit Caitlin with her ability and personality to thrive and survive.

Her father said that the teen who just graduated high school has determination and a positive outlook.

“And trust,”Her mother was also present. “She had to have trust in us to continue fighting and seeking. It’s a much harder battle if the person that is injured that you’re trying to bring out of this, if they’re not willing to do it with you, it’s almost impossible.”

According to them, the Littles visited 70 doctors and saw some of the best neurologists in the country. Some were able eventually to help, and Caitlin was able retrieve past events.

“The first time I recognized without question that she was remembering things was when I got home from work, and she was able to recount for me something that happened at least an hour and a half earlier about two kittens,”Her father stated it. “And of the five kittens, she was able to point out which two it happened to, which one got the worst of it, and then the prognosis for the one that got the worst of it.”

Caitlin has continued to run, when she is physically up for it, and her family thinks that exercise and remembering a race route have helped increase her capacity to remember.

“I kept praying and asking for strength and endurance,”Caitlin spoke out after a race.


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