‘NCIS’ Alludingly Close to Cancellation with Wilmer Valderrama’s Supposed Exit. Unverified Gossip Says


It is NCIS facing cancellation? One report suggests that the ratings juggernaut might not survive. Wilmer ValderramaPlans to be followed Mark HarmonGet out of the door. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘NCIS Springs Major Leak!’

The following is an extract from the Globe, NCIS is in a death spiral without Mark Harmon’s Jethro Gibbs. An anonymous show source claims that the ratings are dropping for the television giant. There are also fears that Wilmer Valderrama could follow his lead and leave the show.

According to an insider, “I’ve never seen a show in such disarray… it seems like everything that can go wrong has gone wrong.” Viewers are reportedly rejecting Harmon’s replacement Gary Cole. Valderrama is the exception. He joined the series in 2016, and his five year contract is due to expire. Recently, the actor was offered a starring and executive producer role. Zorro series on Disney+, sparking fears he’s putting the struggling NCISIn his rearview.

“A lot of people don’t think the show could survive another loss like that,”According to the source, it seems that the series is doomed.

Is Wilmer Vaderrama Leaving? ‘NCIS’?

There are stories that are just plain false every now and again. This is one such story. NCIS is still CBS’ bread and butter, with or without Mark Harmon. The network renewed the series’ flagship and spin-off series. NCIS: Hawai’i NCIS: Los Angeles. This will be the original series’ 20th season, tying it with Gunsmoke for the third-longest-running primetime American drama series ever.

The future of NCISThis story is absolutely false, it is clear. Wilmer Valderrama doesn’t have nearly the same impact on the show Harmon or Pauley Perrette did, and the show has survived their exits. It would not be the end of the series if Valderrama decided to move on to greater and better things. Drama series like NCIS don’t survive for 20 seasons without adding a new character or two.

Other tall ‘NCIS’ Tales

The GlobeIs it possible? NCIS. Harmon was the one who canceled NCIS: New Orleans Scott Bakula, over a strange grudge. As an executive producer, Harmon had a financial stake in the spin-off’s success. To make room for the new company, it was cancelled. NCIS: Hawai’iIt’s not about some fake beef.

This tabloid also claimed Harmon was quitting the show in 2019, but that obviously didn’t happen. Later, it called Harmon a moody monster. Now it’s suddenly crediting him as the sole reason for the show’s success. This tabloid is constantly wrong and shouldn’t be trusted.